Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

Does Any Forums remember Korean Zombie Desk Car?

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I liked the fanservice

why did you spoiler ?

I lost interest after two eps but it did produce some pretty good amv's

I wanted to make it clear I wasn't talking about the PLOT (which is also nice), but you're right, there's no way Any Forumsnons would forget

Haruna a shit

Yes yes, there were some good Dyson scenes, good memory.

10/10 girls, 10/10 mc, 10/10 comedy

I like the titty ninja

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malestrom best girl all other girls a shit

no, you piece of shit

the anime was so much more likable than the LNs it's not even funny

never watched it

we need more boy panty shots

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still my favorit anime
so sad they didnt continue

Hell yeah. Eu and Haruna carried the show.

Yes, very.
Takaomi Kanasaki's recognizable brand of approaching comedy and character interactions in his own way was what made me watch Konosuba which was more memorable, but hasn't seen Magician's Academy or PriConne yet despite having heard they're in line with his comedy style.
Tokyo Ravens had occasional director-approved humor but it was radically different and feel like his redheaded stepchild.

Go to bed, Sarasvati.



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