Chainsaw Man

>Pic related is now your mom

How fucked are you?

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A lot

Mom in the biological way or in the role-play way? There's a distinction.

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Yoru is best wife

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>How fucked are you?

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can yoru cook

Denji sounds like a pretty shitty mom.

>jibber garbage already itt
Thread ruined



Remember that one user that said when part 2 finally comes out ChainsawChads would rule Any Forums?

How can you be such a schizo LOL

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>taking diaper seriously

>twitch nu-speak
Go back

>knowing where it comes from
go back

But then shitsa and jobru happened

Please look up the definitions of words you dont know the meaning to retard

seethe faggot

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Asa is the worst character of part 2

>shitsanig is an ESL
Kek, are you a nigger?

Are you retarded?

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