What was her problem?

What was her problem?

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Didn't get the cock correction she needed.

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She's too sexy. Every second of the show I'm stuck in a loop of thinking about how much I'd like to fuck her.

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Dark skinned caucasoid Alien pretending to be negroid

>muh girl power feminisms.
>Shinji with a wig and tan
What the fuck was Ano thinking.

For me, it's Electra

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I wish she'd pissed herself.


She's an empath and thus can hear when animals are in pain, which causes her pain. Years of living in a circus and hearing the other animals cry out in suffering caused her to not ever want to eat meat and caused her to develop severe trust issues with people, which she knows is illogical and thus blames herself when she drives people away.

Her boyfriend puts in a herculean effort to help her grow as a person and keep her well-fed and change her views on the world and on people.

What about her acrobatic skills which are never mentioned again after the first handful of episodes?

Ano intentionally made her have the worst traits based off a previous relationship or something.

You know she predates Shinji, right?

>shinji is bleached nadia with a haircut
what was anno thinking?

He wanted Shinji to be cute.

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they could have simply grabbed the blue water from her

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stupid sexy shinji..

she's perfect

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I always wondered how all that electrocuting didn't mess with her pregnancy.

she was only a little pregnant at that point

She's a moralfagging stand in for Anno. And a realistic teenage girl which is basically what Anno was mentally until he made a billion dollars and got a wife.

>She's a moralfagging stand in for Anno
But the show doesn't depict her as being in the right

>on a deserted island with no supplies
>jean acquires some meat
>she refuses to eat it and runs off into the woods
>tries to eat rotten canned vegetables, gets poisoned
>jean goes looking for mushrooms to cure her
>gets high as fuck
>she kisses him
>he wakes up and doesn't remember it
>now she's pissed as fuck at him
I mean really??
>a realistic teenage girl
okay you've got a point there