One Piece

Did people really think Koby was going to capture Luffy’s future baby momma?

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>implying Nami would not enjoy that

>Coby chan ze haha

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Stop mention baby momma if the character isn’t UTA. She’s the only one who has a chance. Nami is more of a bro. Same for Yamato. Hancock is a gag character who’ll go “Luffy doesn’t even have to be with me, I’ll just admire him from afar!”. Everyone else is irrelevant

Cute and Canon

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Nah Boa is the type to steal Luffy’s cum to have his baby

Nami is the only person who can handle Ussop. He needs a true partner where they will be both equal in the relationship and not a submissive servant (Kaya) who will only do everything Ussop needs. Nami's tough on him because he needs it, and she keeps him grounded. Yeah, the hitting is a gag, but otherwise she is just being a stern wife to a crazy husband.That's the actual dragon ball reference :^) a Chichi and Goku moment, Nami scolding Ussop for being reckless, like a wife scolding her husband for being irresponsible. Super abusive wives are a staple of manga. And it's not like she can actually hurt him anyway

I really thought Koby was going to be on Admiral level one day

He will, in Two Piece.

Why? We have never seen him actually do anything badass

Childhood is liking Luna. Adulthood is realizing Luhan makes more sense

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he'll only ever be smoker (jobber) tier

So if Hancock wasn’t killed, I assume what they meant by she “lost her DF” was she got grabbed by BB and he just nullified it until Rayleigh stepped in

Lmao Usopp is surrounding by so many hot bitches he's totally forgotten about Kaya

Post Cute and Canon

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Luffy x Uta is cute and canon
Boa can be a concubine

No need to fight. Nami doesnt want luffy and luffy doesnt want nami. Its just self inserting fags

What are you talking about? Nothing of the such was mentioned in the spoilers

LuHan bros we eating good this week.
Where you at??

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Has he ever mentioned or tought about her in the series?

Way too short.


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Right, I must have mixed up the current spoilers with everyone’s fakes earlier lmao just trying to dismiss the idea entirely that BB has her fruit now anyway

Been a good few weeks for warlordbros.

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The question now is why would Blackbeard take Koby

You're my favorite user, ZoSanfujo.

>Koby is a choirboy on Blackbeard's ship

Based BB

>doesnt even bother to iron it
every single time

Not pictured: all the shit on the floor she kicked out of frame.

Endgame ;)

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She’s twice Luffy’s height

If you really think about how many characters have Haki post-ts, Koby's haki awakening on the battlefield must of made him look like a drama queen.