Is it me or does Usagi grows a few inches taller (and thicker) when transforming into a Sailor warrior...

Is it me or does Usagi grows a few inches taller (and thicker) when transforming into a Sailor warrior? in her civil attire she looks like a kid

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You're absolutely right, she pulls a Yami Yugi.

yeah I just started watching the anime and got weirded out why was she so small in her school clothes, because I thought she was 70% legs

The boots probably add some height. The chest part is also apparently meant to be a hard armored shell that'd artificially add to apparent boob size. And obviously since the Sailor outfit is like a more "sexy" version of her school uniform (for hers more so than the others'), it's more form-fitting and has more skin being shown-- so there's like an illusion of her looking older when she'd probably always look that way under the clothes.

The images in the OP might be from different episodes/directors though, so the difference might not always be so jarring. Also in later seasons I think the leg length starts to get even more exaggerated and look really ridiculous.

>High heels
and also her wearing a shorter skirt that shows more of her legs than usual might help with the whole she is taller on her SW form than her base form.

Getting older after transforming used to be a really common thing in the genre, wonder why that died out.

It's a random pic I found on google because I was lazy to copy and paste screenshots from the anime
but I'm absolutely sure she is taller in her Sailor warrior form, I understand that even skirt length can create the illusion that she is taller but I'm not convinced

Oh wait forgot to mention: Chibiusa does notably get taller when transforming, like it's shown on the model sheets. Not sure if that applies to any of the others when you account for their shoes.

who's Chibusa?

Yeah it's definitely possible, I never tried to measure her height or anything.

She's also "supposed" to be like 4'11'' if she existed IRL, but her proportions really don't look it.

"Chibi" means small and "USA" is the United States of America, so I believe they're talking about the nearby state of Guam which is a popular Japanese tourist spot.

You'll find out eventually.

Japanese people are short but they don't to have manlet proportions.

I don't know where pic related is from but her civil attire has the same proportions as the salior warrior form, this is what I mean

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Chibusa this dick

this is from episode 2
Am I crazy?

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The shot at the end of the transformation is kind of a stock footage thing that gets used in every episode, so it might tend to look different from the rest of the episode in general. Might be better to get an episode-specific shot of her full body to compare how the same directors/animators draw her between forms.

But yeah, in that those two shots the hair seems longer and the legs look thiccer on the right.

what about now?

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Comedic scenes tend to simplify or even chibifi proportions because they're not important, heroic shots of her in her senshi outfit are meant to emphasize her physical beauty and stature, hence the focus on proportions and being more "on model". Animation isn't always literal, they emphasize whats important for that particular shot hence why character's proportions can squash and stretch from scene to scene depending on whats important, just like how they can transform into chibis during comedy, being sexy during comedy isn't important, goofy facial expressions are.

yeah I understand, I just wanted to make sure if my eyes are not deceiving me

>but her proportions really don't look it
Taller people tend to have a long stretched out look to their proportions, not just thin but long like characters in sailor moon do. Also their head appears proportionally smaller than it is on shorter people, so yeah you're right she's drawn based on fashion model proportions which tend to prefer tall and lean people and takes it to an exaggerated degree, making her look like she should be very tall. The key to making a character look tall is stretch them out and shrink their head. But it runs into problems if you do that while also trying to claim she's below average height.

The live action really has her turning into a murderous Serenity

She had the power to turn herself into an adult woman in the first season (similar to Minky Momo), after that she apparently forgot about it

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>Crystal shit

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Sexy without quotation marks

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That one's also kind of a stock shot because it's meant to transition into the "I'll punish you" stock animation. That sounds super nitpicky and I'm not actually meaning it to be; just that it's also kind of a "special" shot compared to a random frame.

A shot like this from the same episode looks a lot closer to the image on the left, for example. BUT I do think her legs are way more shapely than when untransformed. But then I also think her legs look unusually sticklike there and that I'm pretty sure they don't always look like that when she's in normal mode (there are definitely times she's drawn to look more pretty/"sexy"), so might just be a quirk of that director.

I think it's possible some episodes play up the difference in forms more dramatically and others don't, depending on what the episode's going for.

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Case in point: like half of the images here

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