Vincent, it's you! You are the Proxy

Vincent, it's you! You are the Proxy

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Shut it off immediately when I got to this scene.

How bad is it that I remember very little of this show, and don't even know what this scene is?

time to rewatch it

A lot of threads for this have been popping up lately. Did some e celeb shill it?

my money's on some tiktok shit

Fuck off and show me some slach, Ergo-chan

It's all style and no substance. Even if you watch it again there is nothing to remember.

This thread, that's it! You are PINO!

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What's she reading?

She never said that

A book

That was obvious from episode 1, no idea why they put the "official" reveal so late in the show, it felt a bit silly bxy then

What book?

The one she is holding.

What might be the title of said book?


the perfect duo doesnt exi-

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>Not realizing that style IS substance

>have philosophers as characters
>do nothing with them
just highbrow jerking off like gits and Jameson

Remarkable how absolutely everything about this show screams "2000s"

What philosophers might Re-L, Vincent law, Iggy, Pino and raul be?

>Not realizing that [bitch cope]