Is crying a proof of weakness?

Is crying a proof of weakness?

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Your mom cried when I fucked her.

yes, unless something really traumatic/ bad happened like someone died, crying is for bitches. Just look at deku

its proof of humanity. animals don't weep with emotion. if you don't cry you're significantly less human than someone who does

>muh humanity
it's called being too emotional

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No just bad writing, muh emotionless girl experiences emotion for the first time is such a shitty trope.

There are appropriate times. Most of the time it makes you look weak because you're doing it instead of fixing the reason you're crying. This is why crying in general is for women. Women cry over trivial shit and men comfort them. When men cry over trivial shit you just look like some weak faggot. It doesn't matter if women or some online content tells you
>yes its good and ok for men to cry.
Crying is defeat and there is a reason Earnest Hemingway said
>Man is not made for defeat, he can only be destroyed

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I don't trust a man who doesn't cry.

aka being a woman, which I am not

They should have kept Gilbert dead. Shit ending.

Depends. If a character is crying for trivial reasons, absolutely. One can also be too weak to cry. Violet is definitely a weak retard despite physically being superhuman.

"But the Lord says, “Stop crying.
Don’t fill your eyes with tears.
You will be rewarded for your work.”"
Yes, crying is a proof of weakness

Jesus wept

Crying over nothing is not three same as crying over death. I was under the assumption we weren't talking about death and more of crying over being emotional

Depends on why they're crying.

proof of being cute

Why would you make that assumption?

Just don't cry in front of people, easy

Because it's universally accepted to cry over someone death if you were close. So what remains is everything else. I suppose I should have been more specific in my post.

>t. Normie


Crying over even the slightest reason is not only weak but stupid

>Because it's universally accepted to cry over someone death if you were close.
it isn't though. millions of people think real men don't cry at funerals or under any circumstances at all