Sometimes yuri does win

Sometimes yuri does win.

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What’s the series in the top left?

I don't remember flip flappers being Yuri

lesbian girls are cute

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which do you prefer: platonic friendship yuri or "it's just a phase" yuri?

>CGDCT or dog shit?
Wow tough choice.

Extremely cute, i can imagine her 2 days into ukulele/guitar and doing this.

with actual yuri

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Not even half of OP are yuri

You either didn’t watch very closely or read the spin-off material.

yuri doesn't mean there's any romance or sexual thoughts, it just means female characters appear on screen together. So they're all yuri

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All but one of them is yuri.

Fuck off with your 3DPD Westoid identity politics bullshit. Yuri is not the same as "rezu" - the nip term for lesbian. Rezu is the genre that is all about lesbian identity politics. Yuri is just girls who happen to love other girls.

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Flip Flappers has rezu moments though. The whole fifth episode is an allegory.

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Birdie Wing is only halfway through. How gay will it get?

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Is Nanoha still the biggest suprise yuri win?


It was based on a heterosexual VN and the first season was setting up Yuuno to be the main love interest. How was it not a surprise?

The first scene is a new male main character and it came from a franchise about het love triangles. The intended audience are stinky male otakus in 20s. Half way into the first season, a male character who got to fuck Nanoha in said franchise fandisc was also reintroduced. It is a suprise how far NanoFate ship got in spite of all these red flags.

The genre-defining yuri that really popularized the elegant all-girls school setting was Maria-sama ga miteru (at least as I understand it). Ep 5 clearly takes inspiration from that genre. Most (or all?) of the yuri relationships in that series are platonic with a sisterly sort of love.

I thought that episode 5 was Yayaka's pure illusion and an allegory for Yayaka's mindset.
>In 1976, an article in a magazine for gay/homosexual readers, written by female readers was called “百合” (ゆり, Yuri, Lilies), and since then it signifies lesbians. Many novels or manga, porn spread this name and became more aware.

>You have to be aware though that Yuri and lesbian are very different word. Lesbien (in Japanese, we shorten it to lezu) is more direct and sexual, and slightly disrespectful. On the other hand “Yuri” has a lighter, can mean more A-sexual love or a deep female friendship. In Anime, Yuri is a genre for female romance and friendship.

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Just shows the struggles yuri had to go through to get to where we are today

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