Concerning reincarnation isekai, why do so many series just make the main character the second born of a noble...

Concerning reincarnation isekai, why do so many series just make the main character the second born of a noble? I get that it's so the MC can get the highest comfort levels of a medieval fantasy life without any responsibilities, but if you're going to be making your own world why not just fucking invent a reason why the MC can have a slow life without just making him an aristocrat?

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If an isekai has slow life in the title it's going to go to crap after the first arc, every time.

>Slow Life
>Peaceful Life
>Kicked out of the party

Good afternoon isekai.
You have done your daily memorization rep of 75% saltpeter, 15% charcoal, and 10% brimstone, right?


>$60 Million medical fee
good thing he got 100 Mil reward to offset that

forgot pic

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>reincarnated as a baby
>the very first thing in front of his face is boobie

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Even knowing that wouldn't help since they will probably call it something else in the next world.

whats it with isekai and slavery anyway

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They are useful tools and an easy way to have sex.

>if you're going to be making your own world
That's the problem. They don't want to reinvent the wheel.
The irony of isekai is that for all the "slow life" and easy going, going to a different culture with a jap brain is going to be a recipe for disaster.
You want to know what is REALLY easy living? Taking your adult life skills, your knowledge of the future, and going back in time to your youth.
>mfw can be a billionaire+
>mfw can have sex in elementary
>mfw can live in a world that's not a wet bulb climate

>Cute Shota
>Massive debt
>Wants to 'help' him by cutting a deal to pay it off
Yjk, and I'll be one of the many helping.

>easy living
>in a shithole like Earth

>going to a different culture with a jap brain
you dont understand, the MC has black hair and black eyes! no one else has that, truly he must be the chosen one! and he's so stoic as well, nobody else in the world is stoic! and so humble, and of course a gentleman around woman to the point of being extremely shy!

I remember this one. Wasn't the MC sexually molested by an older girl who he eventually married?

At this point, you could probably make a whole album of isekai/tensei MCs either busting out of the womb or sucking tiddy

In situations like this we say that he seduced an older woman.

>you can't live an easy life with a billion+ dollars
that's your fault, were you born with down's?
isekai is only the better choice if you were born with deformity or illness

money can't buy magic or elves or dragons
all you could get are genetically engineered abominations and not the real thing

There is no reason to ever have a wife when you can have a slave instead.

You have memorized the what these things look and smell like so you can find them in the wild or point them to the alchemist, right?

No because I can't smell things on the internet and there are a million things which simply look white, congratulations on finding sugar though.

Picked up

>he hasn't got a collection of sniff jars.

These doodles are so bad.