How many Jirens strong is Freeza...

How many Jirens strong is Freeza, now that he is capable of one-tapping a Goku who has surpassed MUI and a Vegeta who has access to the powers of the Gods of Destruction... simultaneously?

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Chronoasister btw.

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The manga sure flopped, huh.

>everything with-in a galaxy wide radius instantly withers away and dies

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In your headcanon, maybe.

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No, in OUR reality.

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Bulma? Replaced.
Puar? Dismissed.
Frieza? Fired.

ENTER, Yamcha's wife.

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Is it over?

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Both Goku and Veggy were tired.

Normalfags have shit taste, what can I say? Who the fuck reads My Hero Academia?

Sasuke will save it

so prettuh

No, actually. They were just fully healed by Monaito. Freeza one-shot them while they were at full power.

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Toriyama's vision.

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>ignores the pages of them fighting zombie Fart

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They fought for a while til Frieza came though.

So they took a couple hits. That's nothing. They weren't half dead like they were before the healing. They were in good shape. THE POINT REMAINS!

By my calulations .000038 Rennys

>They weren't half dead like they were before the healing
That was JOBnolah.

For what reason, exactly, am I supposed to consider Freeza a villain? His destructive tendencies? This is acknowledged to be a part of the natural process of universal progress-- men just as capricious have been bestowed divinity and permitted by the highest god of all the multiverse to destroy within moderation. It certainly cannot be argued that Freeza destroyed unduly. He ran a successful, personally profitable empire. It was never in his interests to destroy in excess, in any degree beyond what it would be reasonable for a God of Destruction to perform. His most prominent genocide in the franchise, his extermination of the Saiyans, was done with divine permission on the basis of reasonable suspicion of rebellion (later vindicated: the Super Saiyan is real and dangerous: Goku endangered the entire multiverse), against a transparently evil people. It must also be noted that it in Dragon Ball death is merely translation into the afterlife: eternal bliss for the good, just punishment and reincarnation for the evil. Is it better that the universe be an anarchy? Beerus barely deigns to govern the cosmos. Why not allow Freeza to fill in for him? If Freeza had been absent from the political scene of Universe 7, who knows what barbarous races like the Saiyans might have done? Their sinister impulses could only be governed by a firm hand. If you propose a democratic system, who but Freeza would be worth electing? Every other example of power in DB is a joke. The Dog-King? Kek. Who do the people love? Frauds like Mr. Satan. They are fools and cannot govern themselves. If Freeza had attained immortality, the universe would be ruled eternally by a just, rational king. There would be no possibility of violence, division, or factionalism. Freeza has no interest in micromanaging mortal affairs, simply in accruing wealth and obedience. Goku is an anarchist, rebel, and assassin. Now that Freeza has reached this new level of power, hopefully order can be restored.

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>No Boruto
>One piece isn't number 1
This is brutal for shonen shitters.

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>months old copypasta

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.0000000000000000001's of beast gohan