Overlord makes no sense

Overlord makes no sense.

How did Ainz Guild managed to beat the e-celebs streamers that plague all modern MMOs.

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e-celeb streamers aren't actually good

E-celebs are all dog shit at their games. That's why they rely on getting boosted by like 1 or 2 who can carry their runs.
But when they have to face an entire group of legitimately good players, the 2 boosters can't do jack shit.

>Overlord makes no sense.
Yes, and?

because its a jrpg

No its an mmo.

Because the cash shop items in the game were EXTREMELY broken and Ainz' guild was entirely men in the workforce with nothing better to blow their extra money on. Even an e-celeb can't compete with an entire guild full of whales.

>modern MMOs
Ainz didn't play a modern MMO, he played an old one, the series starts with the servers shutting down and began like a decade ago to boot.

Why would anyone play a blatantly broken cash shop MMO?

You should be asking how his guild of paypig role-players ever beat the guilds full of autistic paypig minmaxers that study the frame-data of every interaction in the game.

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Be honest, are streamers really that bad? Whats the worst they can do?

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to dab on kids with no income

they all quit . he was playing the game when it shut down forever. games dont shut down when lots of people play. you dont stream half dead mmorpgs or games people dont like

he's kinda fucked isn't he? He is king and can do what ever the fuck he wants to do, but can't enjoy anything. He can't taste or enjoy food, he doesn't have a dick yet has women lusting after him and he can't do sex

It's future MMO where nobody is an e-celeb because nobody has enough money to simp their income for them

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>how can a group of autists who actually play the game beat someone who only play for "content"

They're from a dystopian peak capitalism hellscape where openly sharing information is BAD and Yggdrassil was a bloated mess of a game where paypigs could literally pay devs to design new shit.

The community of the game made it so sharing information was discouraged and everyone was trying to hoard information for themselves.
So unless you decide to go full autism yourself or have a guildie that is one, there's no guides online (or fake guides behind paywalls lol) for you to get this hyperautism data from.
Case in point, the real reason why AOG won, was because they lucked out on finding a hidden dungeon, first-tried it by the skin of their ass (which gave them extra loot), in which their reward was their new guild base that was actually good in terms of NPC levels.
And whilst a lot of their guild were roleplayers, you had a select few of them that were the kind to hyperautism minmax as you say - Touch Me was in the top 1% of PvP players for instance - and they minmaxed the shit out of Nazarick's defenses to the point they made the GOAT playerbase, which meant they could devote all their resources to dungeoneering, exploring, and find/making WCI

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In Ainz' world e-celebs were rounded up and sent to labor camps.

where's the new episode?

I wish arche being shalltear's sex pig was anime canon

Who caaaaares that's the kind of plot point only a turboautist would care about and an author can handwave in a sentence