Fate was never cool.

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Erio looks so happy.

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Fate became super cool. When she changed her name to Tsubasa.

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Nice digits.

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So cool.

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tsubasa is a living failure who massacres her fans by proxy, fate managed to not only avoid jobbing in force but also showed up the super special antags.

XV Tsubasa arc was terrible, it lead to a whole lot of fucking nowhere.

XV on the whole had a lot of issues.

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does it get better or are the subsequent seasons the same as s1?
s1 was alright but if the rest are the same im not gonna bother

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Watch the first two episodes of A's. It is an ENORMOUS glowup.

If you aren't instantly sold, you simply won't like the rest. But you damn well should be.

I started watching cause I heard A's was really good but right after finishing s1 I started the first ep of A's and it felt like the same shit so I immediately turned it off.
Will give it another chance though.

That's why I said the first two episodes. The end of the first episode kicks everything off after a somewhat slow start and the pacing stays fairly quick past that point.

It may just not be for you, but I'd say you should give it a shot. I don't care much for S1 at all and I'm not sure that many fans do outside of some extreme nostalgic feelings, it's definitely the odd one out of the franchise.

She cute

S1 and A's are reasonably similar in tone but from StrikerS onward there's a shift in focus and overall execution. There's a great deal of discourse regarding whether that change is for better or worse.

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henlo frien, where is the new project you promised

Sorry Nothing

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s1 was surprisingly good visually (character design and animation wise) even for the tv version I watched since I like that aesthetic
plot seemed a little above average too but didn't really grab my attention that much.
Hope s2 is a nice change of pace.

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