Why do you enjoy watching girls beating the shit out of people?

Why do you enjoy watching girls beating the shit out of people?

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because it's hot

i have never felt the touch of a woman


I only enjoy watching people beat the shit out of girls.

The luckiest character in anime is Zenitsu

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i love this dragoon

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based ryonabro

what's her problem?

What did he do to deserve it?

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It reminds me to avoid real women at all costs.
Because society will laugh when a woman beats a man, but if a man even makes a woman feel threatened, she can go to any authority and destroy his life and take everything.

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Imagine getting slapped by Aquasama while she makes fun of your dick

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god I wish my imouto would slap the shit out of me

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Fuck that's hot. I wish a girl would beat on me like that

it makes for a nice change after 3,900 years of men beating the shit out of each other while everyone else just watches from the sidelines