Will season 2 be good?

Will season 2 be good?

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season one wasn't. why start now?

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Sequels that come many years after the first season are basically never good.
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How is a slut so cute?

Because she's perfect.

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Sluts are fine. Prudes and purityfags have rotten your minds.

>that curvy stocking

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No, but I'll watch it and read the doujinshi anyways

subtitles mentions gamergate

Yes, although I fear they may cut back on things with garterbelt quite a lot

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only Any Forums still cares about goobergator

i just hope they follow up on the twist ending instead of doing a lite reboot. it'd be interesting to have briefs and garter (and the devil sisters) being the protagonists picking up various pieces of panty and putting her together

no. at best the first episode will be great and it'll gradually go to shit

yeah but everyone will hate it because Any Forums is full of tastelets.

Sluts make the world go round. They are the reason we are here. Maybe one day you'll leave this goody two shoes, trad phase of your life behind.