Do you like gender bender?

Do you like gender bender?

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Yes, I even bought the tanks of that series

Yes, but I don't like how the whole genre was appropriated by a particular group of people, though. Same with traps.

might be fun or even funny for omake or fanart.
nothing beyond that.

At least the fact that most gender bender stuff ends in straight romance instead of yuri makes them irrationally angry.

Girls are better with penis.

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Are there any gender benders where the girl (male) actually beat the cock?

I don't feel like TG fans are yuriniggers
By yuriniggers I mean the faggots that like cgdct shit

I think a lot of the yurifags actually stopped reading gender bender due to the predominance of straight endings. Years ago, you'd see tons of them screeching when the genderbent girl got with the guy, but now most of them seem to be gone or have just embraced it.

i did yeah

Most yurifags aren't Mugino or anime transbians.
They're so TERF they don't acknowledge GB yuri as yuri. Kashimashi used to be /u/-core but it got dropped because of that.

Kind of amusing that both gender bender fans and yuri fans have rejected a certain group of people the more they've tried to tie themselves to the genres.

> muh willy

What are you even supposed to do in this situation?

Kill Loki

Pretend to still be a guy but have lots of butt shots that make people question their sexuality/your sex.

>Boku Girl
Closeted transgender character fulfills his dream.
btw if you put aside the shit like isekai, hentai, mahou shoujo and cgdct TS/GB series, there's almost nothing good left except Ayakashi Triangle.

you can't beat it

I don't even know any more whether you mean genderswap or the broader term.

I think historically “genderswap" specifically mean swapping the gender of a character, and “gender bender” simply anything that bands gender or treats it payfully.

TSF, then.

why would you want to

Only when it's not Yuri.

No, gender bender feels inherently faggoty to me.
>my best friend lost his cock???
>time to fuck him!

Who? Ts? They don't care. Most of them like GB. That's why I drew a parallel with traps, like with the Astolfo pronoun "controversy", or something like that. Transsexual fantasy and transvestite fiction are now part of their discourse in most parts of the Internet.

Bringing up yuri out of nowhere is Chagen tier retardation.

Yeah, they call this “TS” in Japan, which in English more so means shemale porn.
Like “TSあきら君の性生活” which isn't really about dickgirls, just a girl in every way who used to be a boy.
Well, he still acts and talks like a boy, until he gets fucked, it's fun how to see how his mannerisms become more feminine when he finally surrenders to it.

I really do but for comedy. ranma really hit the sweet spot