What chapter does Amir and Karluk snuggle naked in their comfy fur blanket?

What chapter does Amir and Karluk snuggle naked in their comfy fur blanket?

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I'd rather know if the twins consummated their marriage yet

Is this an incest manga?

I wonder if there'll be a timeskip with Karluk in his teens.
Anyway, I fucking adore this manga so much.

No (unless there's some later, I'm way behind) but what OP is referencing is the main couple who is based /ss/

If they did that the Russians would have already run them a over

do you think they swap partners every night?

There was a chapter where the 4 of them were bored being stuck at home and didn't know what to do. They didn't know what to do to pass the time

That happens every chapter.

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My prediction is one of the twins will start becoming more intimate with her husband sooner than the other causing a right between then. Twin wants to swim with her Twin but she's to busy having sex with her husband

Where do you find women like Amir in the modern world?

It has become increasingly hard with years even in third world countries. The globohomo brainwash is corrting people everywhere

I'm just asking, because what OP said
> Amir and Karluk snuggle naked in their comfy fur blanket
Is something that brings back warm memories.

You usually don't. They still exist, but they're either already taken or are looking for someone who isn't a porn-addicted Any Forums user.
Source: I knew a girl who was almost exactly like this in high school but blonde.


Can the brothers tell their wives apart. It would get awkward if one of them started flirting with the other's wife

What was that other bride manga similar to this but set in Tibet I think?

Tenju no Kuni?

That's the one was the translation completed?

Yeh, it was an official translation though so it's not all up on dex.

ch 3

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