"This Art Club Has a Problem"

>"This Art Club Has a Problem"
>Series never specifies exactly what the problem is

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Usami was too horny.

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Not enough Colette.

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Usami wasn't pregnant with my child.

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>"Kill Me Baby"
>It's not about a Scottish abortion clinic

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Now that you brought it up, would an anime about abortion clinics be any good? Imagine a yuri workplace romcom, but they are aborting fetuses and counseling women on occasion.

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Unwashed smelly art hoes

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damn she's growing well

Ma quèquète dans Colette.

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I just remember the plain looking girl being too fucking horny and the 13 years old with the body of a porn star, oh and the erotic gremlin hiding on weird places... good show yeah.

Oh yeah, What the problem was there, I don't remember. Top tier romcom by the way. Amigo??


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problem was the MC being cloned

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First post.

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Even the author couldn't help but clone Usami's design for LycoReco's MC

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lmao my fucking sides!!!