Ore no kokan wa Bishoujo Datta no ka

What would you do if your dick turns into a girl?


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Post some screenshots of the pages

They stole this gag

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Story-timing the first chapter since I have nothing to do.

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So the girl is his penis, yet when we see her separate from him does he no longer have a penis

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There's zero originality to it at all en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nose_(Gogol_short_story)

Apologize for all the unpaid overtime

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we are doomed as a species

Does anyone want to guess what type of porn he watches?

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How does he pee?

Unfortunately, these pages weren't saved in order when I got them off of Mangadex. This is why it took so long to post these..(besides captcha, of course..)

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>Something about an insufficient amount of fission weapons being deployed in the mid 40s

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Im the creator of this series, ask me anything

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>3 threads in 3 days
lost of shills around for this one huh

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Really? I didn't know that, my bad!

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