He’s angy

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Part 9 news fucking WHEN


Why does Jolyne have the initials J.C.? Is she a Jesus figure?

Cope, seethe and dilate
Valentine is overrated and boring, the only redeeming factor of him is existing in the best part

im 2 eps into part 2 and its just boring

honestly no matter the quality of the adaptation part 6 could never have done what part 5 did. the boring first few episodes of the second part, the rushed backgrounds, the borderline indecipherable translations, the unnecessary shitty CGI and subpar animation in certain scenes didn't help either though

not to mention the batch releases and how it's going to take like 3 years for them to release it all and by then nobody's going to give a shit

No wonder this shit looked gay as fuck in part 5 onward

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is it worth to watch? I dislike the prison part


He doesn't even know what angry means.

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they should fire these guards

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>is it worth to watch?
it's jojo, so, yeah

J.C, for junior cunny. A shame she isn’t a loli.

What killed the hype?

Reminder that dragon dream was always a kino fight even in the manga.

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dragon's dream was better in the manga. don't know why people thought it was hard to understand

Deader than F.F

as much as i love jjba literally nobody gives a shit and i don't either

Speed Reading and low iq
Tbh i found westwood's fight boring and dragon's dream to be ok

i did not speedread and i do not have low iq it just wasn't that hard to understand lol

It wasnt hard to understand just fucking boring, Like most of Part 6 and the middle of part 7 I had to hold myself at gunpoint to read it.

I understood dragon's dream when first read the manga and then I didn't understand any of it while watching the anime