Yofukashi no Uta

Episode 10 Preview


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>tfw no vampire maid gf

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one of my favourite parts, the manga is fun when Yamori has to go detective mode even if the mysteries are never that hard, fuck battle shonnen shit

What killed the hype?
Even the OP and ED have become stale to listen to.

>has a maid cafe episode
Alright you fuckers I'm jumping in

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There was never any hype to begin with. Tankobon sales didn't pick up at all after the anime aired. The manga series is already barreling towards the end with this school trip

You over listened! I've been listening to the discog a lot. The reason there's no hype is really because there's nothing to hype about with this series, its good at conjuring atmosphere but that's about it, there's really no plot other than "one day maybe he'll fall in love" which is not exactly interesting to talk or think about. I'm really enjoying it but I can see why it's mid

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>there's really no plot
Since when did that stop anyone from watching a series like this?

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But what kind of series is like this exactly? It's a slice of life but it's not "cute girls doing cute things", it's not a drama/romance, it's not a harem. What other popular shows would you compare this to?

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>muh hype
underage detected

It's coming of age, FLCL

FLCL is a unique anomaly that wouldn't become popular today but despite that the "hype" moments each episode with the music kicking in were more memorable than anything that happens in this

The series Slice of Life + Romance + Fantasy+Coming of Age story
Also, I would have thought not being cute girls doing cute things and also not a harem would be seen as a good thing considering how much people about those 2 genres constantly

It's not a good thing, people don't want men in their cute girls doing cute things anime and not a harem but beta MC with who doesn't try to progress the romance is also the worst form of romance. We're lucky this is more a comedy/slice of life than it is an actual romance.

When and why did Any Forums start caring about "hype"? This place used to be where the more obscure stuff thrive but now you just want to follow popular things like a bunch of normalfags.

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How is he being a beta though?

The fundamental issue is that he has idea about love or friendship at all until very recently and that's only for friendship.

Which is fine for a 14 year old.

Also, the objective is for him to fall in love with the FemMc not him making her fall in love with him cause otherwise he can't become a vamp.

I'd place more blame on the FemMc as it's her role to make the male fall for her as discussed by the other vamps we have seen.

"Being fine for a 14 year old" is still incredibly boring for a romance anime when the entire audience is pinning for them to get together, this show avoids that stigma because like I said it's not really a romance anime, it's just a slice of life with a bunch of one shots and a great atmosphere. But that also makes it a more niche show

dorkpires must be stopped

Since anime became mainstream, Any Forums used to be one of the biggest places on the internet to discuss anime (and Any Forums as a whole for Japanese interests) so every series that aired or got attention here automatically became "big" in the eyes of the people who came here. The amount of passionate anime fans was larger than the casual anime fans online so the ones that did come here would watch a lot of shows, probably try visual novels and other obscure Japanese media. Nowadays a VAST VAST majority of anime fans are surface level fans only watching the most popular/best shows each season.

I actually almost cried because I rewatched Welcome to the NHK recently, everyone always talks about how "literally me"/depressive it is but what struck me was how perfectly it touched on so many aspects of otaku culture and how what was in the eyes of the majority has slipped into obscurity. There are quite literally anime fans who don't even know what comiket is in 2022 and it hurts my very soul.

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Speak for yourself, I'm far more invested in Kou's growth as a person rather than getting together with Nazuna.

That's great but the topic isn't why a few people enjoy it, the discussion was why it's not more popular and I told you why