What's the best adaptation of the transformers toys ? Anime, cartoon, movies or comics ?

What's the best adaptation of the transformers toys ? Anime, cartoon, movies or comics ?

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Nothing beats Sakamoto's wild ride.

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Comics. Not all of them, just some.

You mean the G1 toys or in general? In terms of anime, the original cartoon is one of those hybrid productions, but it does have a Japanese dub. The further you get into the Japanese original anime the more the original cast is lost, after the headmasters none of the '84-'86 cast appear again. But Headmasters, Victory, SGM and Zone are all decent, or at least a little better than the G1 cartoon (I am not a big fan but it has a few good episodes here and there)
Then you have a few small tie in manga for the 2000's line, the biggest of which I believe is Kiss Players.
If you want the BEST adaptation of a TOY you'll be well off with the Unicron trilogy, Superlink (as Energon is known as in Japan) is trash but Micron Densetsu and Galaxy force are both great, and the character models (especially once they switch to 3d after Micron Densetsu) are 1:1 with the toys plus extra articulation, so if you want to see the actual toys star in a toy commercial for 10 year olds, there you go.

>this design
All the transformers are blocks that have very nonhuman proportions.
“female robots” suddenly need to have smooth curves and shapely arses to ensure everyone knows they're female.



>Micron Densetsu
>Galaxy Force
Just use the Western names for fuck's sake. No normal fan is willing to call Optimus Prime "Convoy".

>implying those curves are exclusive to females

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I mean, this is Any Forums, not Any Forums. And I don't know what exactly constitutes a "normal fan" in this fanbase

I like how IDW made the pink bot into a killer psycho path who got turned into a female and for some reason all the cybertrons were referring to him as "her" without even realizing it.

That's a “male robot”?
I would have read it as a “female robot” I guess because of it.
Robots having genders is pretty stupid anyway.
I also like how the N.G.N.L. fandom wiki claims Schwi is “female”, while
>no secondary sex characteristics
>no primary sex characteristics
>Ex-Machina have said they have no concept of gender and don't really understand Imanity's concept of it

But it's a robot with long “hair” so it's a female robot I guess.

is transformers armada considered an anime?

Fall of Cybertron, nothing beats it.

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I read a bit of the 2005 IDW series and it's a rollercoaster of quality. It was rebooted in 2019, anyone following that? I heard it got pozzed.

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Not pozzed, at least not anymore than the first universe (theres like, one lesbo couple). But it ended this past spring, IDW is losing the license at the end of the year.

Now this I like.
Very nice.

To be fair though, this art style does actually give the robots masculine faces.
In the actual old G1 art, they were so blocky their faces had no real genders any more. They were just blocks in humanoid shapes but here they have actual faces.

I grew up with Armada and the awesome pincer head tank Megatron. Minicons were a dumb gimmick but some of them were cool.

V! V! Victory! Anyone every watched Transformers Victory or any of the Japanese material? When the FUCK are we getting all of Sakamoto's glorious work translated???

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