First anime I saw subbed was this, on a small ass 2007 phone...

First anime I saw subbed was this, on a small ass 2007 phone.Downloaded it In 3gp format from an internet cafe and the subs took like half of the screen. Good times

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Mikuru >>>>>> Haruhi > Yuki

I’m watching it for the first time now

I watched naruto in 3 parts on youtube. Part 2 was sometimes missing.
>Tried to get into shin chan to impress an autistic girl in middle school
>She rejected me
Good times

Man, i remember trying to watch danganronpa subbed on my psp and feeling my eyeballs leaving their sockets trying to read subs that was meant for full size tv on a tiny ass 480i screen. Those were the times

>be me
>download .avi file from veoh
>convert it in isquint to .mp4
>watch it on my 2 inch screen ipod
This is how I watched endless 8

I would have quit anime if I was you, god what a shitshow

I remember watching the soul eater anime on an ipod or something because the family computer was in my dads office and I didn't want him to see me replay the scene in the op where blair comes out naked. man those were the days

Windows Vista was not a bad operating system.

It was the first one to support dx10, to give it credit

>on a small ass 2007 phone
doubtful, the iphone was just coming out then and something like a razor couldn't display a video.

I had a Zen3 music player that could play MP4, shit was so cash.

>endless 8
I just skimmed through it when I noticed it was the same thing again in the second episode did you guys actually sit through that garbage?

I found Haruhi and Lucky Star on youtube by accident in the beginning of the 2010s and watched both

>itt boomer nostalgia

Burning my retinas with the sony w200

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Haruhi is still easily in the top 3 hottest kyoani girls

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Why when people are bringing up retro phones it's always either og ipphone or razor? In 2007 s40v3 phones already was all the rage. Also i remember a lot of people choosing nokia 5800 over iphone

that dude had both uploaded for a few years and that guy was based and lead me into the rabbit hole

>danganronpa on my PSP

Didn’t danganronpa come out in like 2014 lol

I watched shana,kämpfer,heavens lost property etc that way.really enjoyed the german dub for fullmetal panic.

I don’t know. Everyone thinks we jumped from razor to iPhone. They always forget that there was a period in between where QWERTY keyboards were the most desirable feature. In my high school everyone wanted the T Mobile sidekick or the Samsung blackjack