Amagi Brilliant Park

Hooray! Hooray! A-ma-bu-ri!

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>almost perfectly arranged by breast size
This tickles my autism.


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part 2

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Look at these armpits

>the tiniest of jiggle
Very nice

God I just want to hold her close to me. Really just run my fingers through her soft beautiful hair.

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This is just bullying

Okay so I only watched the anime, but does the MC end up with the blonde princess or the brunette?

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This but I want her to do that to me

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All part of the strategy

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She's very soft

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But she's a queen, isn't she?

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I like the fact that she can pee with elegance and grace and pinpoint accuracy.

Sento is a goddess

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>spreads her lips
>squirts pee in my eye

Sento is uglier than the queen. She is less interesting than the Fairy 4. She isn't even as funny as the mascots. What does she even have going for her besides her large deposits of fat?

The princess is so hot...

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It's a shame kyoani didn't embrace animating breast jiggles until some time after Amaburi.
Just imagine how many amazing shots we could have gotten.

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I would marry Sento

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Fuck, I wanna lick Latifa's armpits and chest until I die.

>That time KyoAni gave us the big titty Healthy girl trice in a row with Sento, Nibutani and Mai senpai
Times that won't come again but based notheless.

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