Webm thread

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cringe, too much is too much.

brown coochie

What's the point of webm thread on no audio board

There are two whole boards dedicated to just this thread.

>forced animation
show me what "unforced animation" looks like.
You've got two minutes.

Do people find that cute ?

What's with this newfaggotry?

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>Too over the top
Japan is known for being over the top

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What people considered forced animation is usually just shit thats rotoscoped and looks unnatural and jittery like OP webm. Its not a real thing.

Was he correct in saying this?

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good lord that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen

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art style =/= animation, you pleb

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God I want to breed this hafu so fucking much

Me when I see yurifags

Not the guy you were replying to but, some animation styles are ugly
Sorry for the lack of webms but this is a good example of ugly animation, sure it took a lot of effort, but it is unbelievably ugly

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Aku no Hana looks like shit because it's rotoscoped doofus

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