What does Any Forums think of Studio Fantasia anime...

What does Any Forums think of Studio Fantasia anime? They were responsible for ecchi masterpieces like AIKA and Honoo no Labyrinth.

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If their anime didn't suck so much, maybe they would still be around.

Aika is a masterpiece shit your whore mouth.

Why do japanese animators forget that skorts exist and that 90% of women will wear shorts under a short skirt?
That being said, ecchi anime is fine in small doses. At least they don't do faggy "beach episodes" to show fan service.

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Idk but gif fffffkn saved

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Because they draw fiction
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If that excites you then you have to watch aika. It's every upskirt fetishists dream anime.

go watch aika

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the panty shot per minute probably has not been surpassed lol

funnily enough It was way more awkward to show this to friends not because of the echhi but because of the villains incestuous relationship

They don't make 'em like they used too... *sigh*

>having friends

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this isn’t even erotic

Najica gives it a run for its money.

They lasted 30 years, that's actually pretty long for an anime studio.

i know. too robot to normal. too normalfag to robot. never really had a place

While animate were technically the main contractor for it, and other studios did help, Bannou Bunka Nekomusume was largely Fantasia and was fantastic. Really everything Yuuji Moriyama touched in the 80s and 90s was awesome, I would have loved more Compiler as well, Geobreeders was cool, Airbats was fun as well for a basic 90s harem thing. Then you have Jungle de Ikou, which has well....


I didn't realize they made pic related. One of my favorite anime. They also worked on Gunbuster and Totoro apparently.

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Aika and Faye from a CB gave me my long legs fetish when I wasn't even 10yo. God bless them for not turning me into a damaged pedofag.

I wasn't really a big fan of Aika. Yes, there's pantyshots, but they all look the same! Where's the variety?