Did you girls know that the upcoming 27th Delicious Party Precure episode will be the 900th episode of the entire Precure series?

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Yeah, I read it on the official Japanese Precure app

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the 900 episode? how time flies

Happy Birthday Kururun!

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Not even Yukari loves Akira. I doubt you do.

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Prove it

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t. yukari

I want to see Akira being weirded out by Ran

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Are these sold out or a vandal

It says preview on the stickers, it's probably just a dick ass employee or a preliminary poster since they might change it for another one on the 8th since they're having some campaign in anticipation for the movie from 9.8 to 10.17 or both or all three.

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I got to the group finisher in Tropical Rouge and I gotta say they really like yellows huh. Papaya's spinning animation had more frames than the others combined

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>I gotta say they really like yellows
It wouldn't surprise me. Minori seems like someone that was popular with the staff.

fuck off

Will this make me smell like a Precure?

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It will also have the Fruit Salad Special, a finisher which will feature past teams in fruit-themed forms, Tropical Rouge will be Strawberry Party (lol displaced Papaya) and Healin' Good. Pic related is their leaked design

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Cure and Spicy

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Shugo Chara reference? Toei confirmed for bros.