Since this is never going to continue, do we have any reason to believe Galko-nee won't relapse into her slut instincts of getting fucked by pervy playboys, then drag her sister into that lifestyle?

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These threads are getting really pathetic at this point, pretty sad to look at, like an elderly widow who can't accept her spouse is gone.

Man, I know this series is dead and buried. I just like sexy pictures.

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What do AJ/SO/SB stand for?

Galko is a plump goddess who should be cherished
I'd like to imagine she only gets bigger and bigger, but not fat

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we can try

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I haven't got a clue.

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galko a best

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I like Galko's unreasonably large breasts

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Seriously, is there an hotter combination than a slutty older sister and an innocent younger one who still has a knockout body? There's no way none of the first's boyfriend ever fantasized about a threesome.

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Just be patient and wait to see what happens after the author's probation period is over. I mean if Lucky Star came back after an 8 year hiatus, anything could happen.

I’m in love with her giant brapper too

Then go to /e/.

Everything about this series is disgusting, from the character designs to the conversations the characters have, I'm so glad it's forever dead now.


What's stopping the guy from putting new chapters up on Twitter or Pixiv?

Suddenly occurred to me to track down the original twitter post and see if anyone asked; official response is that it says "ass job" if you read them vertically

As little reason as we have to believe they wouldn’t offer shimaidon blowjobs or paizuri on the regular

The fact that he someday, in the near future, would like to have it go back into syndication.

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