Four Knights of the Apocalypse

Korean scans out early this week.

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Oh shit I completely forgot this shit existed after SDS ended. Is it any good? Is it a Boruto type sequel where the old characters do jackshit, or a DBZ type sequel instead?

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It's comparable to the early parts of SDS. It's more adventure focused and the Arthurian elements also play a larger role. The old characters appear to show off every now and then, but the focus is on the new cast.

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We should have gotten these weird spells from the start instead of being a glorified punchbag, fuck melagaland for slowing down the pace.

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It's great so far. The main cast is all new, and the protagonist in particular has no connection to the previous series. The old characters only start showing up many chapters in.

Next chapter: "A King's Authority"

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