Why are most visual novel adaptations complete dogshit?

Why are most visual novel adaptations complete dogshit?

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Can't adapt 30-60 hours into 12-24 episodes.

This and you can't turn a non-linear story into a linear one. You either end up like Clannad picking exactly one route, Steins;Gate with an incomprehensible clusterfuck of mixed routes, or Euphoria with route of the week.

Any thoughts from someone who didn't play the VN? How is this as just an anime on its own without the original considered?

Why are most light novel adaptations complete dogshit?

But I’d give my soul for a good Umineko anime adaption

Majority of VN content is descriptions of the scenes and inner monologues. Those can't be adapted well into an anime. This is related to .
I thought SG only adapted one route?

ef anime adapted the first tale better than VN.
WA2 anime is on par with IC.
Planetarian has a decent adaptation as well.

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Worse than TE and SM. I want my mechs, not some stupid story.

Niche medium and quality in general is too low to draw in talent, combined with the mediums just being plain incompatible. Most novel to film adaptations are shit as well due to the latter.

Visual novels are unironically the lowest form of entertainment. Verbal diarrhea with awful prose that takes thousands of words to say what could be easily expressed in a single sentence with the addition of drab visuals that don't take advantage of any cinematic/comic book techniques to add visual storytelling. Garbage.

There's a reason why they are first used for porn. Its easy to make money out of coomers as they will shill out money for a good fap.

VNs are hard to adapt because they're never usually linear.

I'd allow an Umineko anime for promotion just to get more people into the VNs.
But it's never going to work as an anime.

Funny how it's exactly the opposite with VNs being the best possible medium.

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True, but the classic and top tier ones are 100% worth playing

I was avoiding this like the plague despite loving MLA. How bad was it? Tsukihime bad or Umineko bad?

Worse than Tsukihime.

meanwhile the best otaku-related works are either VNs or adaptations of VNs


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Think about how long VNs are and then think about how long a typical anime season is

At least Tsukihime had a good OST and wasn't ruined from the beginning by abandoning first half of the story. MLA anime just doesn't fucking care about anything except for occasional TSF action.

It's pretty boring and characters are not likable. I keep watching shit from this franchise because the beta are cool but it just disappoints every time. It always turns into some boring political thing instead of just mechs fighting cool monsters.

Because most VNs are complete dogshit to begin with.

because a good visual novel is good for the opposite reasons from why a good anime is good
good visual novels and good anime are incompatible concepts, you can't make a good anime from a good visual novel