Manga UP! removes most censorship
I checked a few of the free chapters and it seems to be only nipples getting blurred now.

We won! And also they lied about having to censor everything to hell and back.

This was almost 100% black bars previously.

Still, the business model is horrible and chapters are split into a thousand parts.

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still not using their service

>nipples getting blurred
>We won

>We won!
No, everybody in this whole catastrophe lost.

Its the same as the JP app now.

>says it will restore the original art
>is still censored
Not using your shit service retarded shill

it's still shit and still makes me want to read pirated scans instead of this "official" retarded crap.
I don't care about nipples at all, I don't read regular manga for porn. This isn't what this is about.

Have they stopped splitting apart one chapter into multiple parts?

I’d rather read MTL with patreon begging watermarked pages than pay a cent to this service.

They robbed Smurf these corrupt faggots, hope they die

Yeah, they distracted morons like OP with the classic bait. Push things too far so that you can get good publicity for walking it back to what you actually wanted to release, a bloated, subscription-based, censored platform to read something that's available online for free.


the black boxes were hilarious. the AI program they used displayed sentience by how lulzy it was in applying the censor bars

>only nipples getting blurred now.
uncensored nipples or nothing
the japs need to change that fucking retarded law

what law?

That's nice since they have some series that don't get fan translations but I don't get why the bother with series that are basically porn like the back magic one if they're going to have to censor them anyways.

We won because everyone lost!

there is no law for that, only self regulation. They censor nips in Jump+ too

Why does there need to be censoring at all though?
>noooo think of the children!
then just don't download the app or read that manga? nobody is forcing you

>nobody is forcing you
companies need more money
please understand

How else would they sell tankobons if not for the uncensored nipples?

Chinese laws.

Unfortunately uncensored nipples or anything further is a sure fire way to get booted from the app stores the moment someone raises a fuss.