Girls Und Panzer

Is Pepperoni actually best girl? Only Kay and Saori can compete with her in my mind

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Kay is the indisputably best girl.


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is this the gup thread? there are too many gup threads out there

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gup threads are always chaotic and plentiful i find

This is what I got the last time I sorted them all.
When I allowed ties I ended up with like a nine way tie for first though

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How can anyone look at this girl and not want to punch her in the face?

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Nicenice Keep up the autism

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Is sorter still alive?

Best girl? That would be Rosehip, of course.

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EHH, 62ND!? And you put Andou HOW high up? You Examination students need to be taught a lesson!

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Anyone who doesn't have silver or white hair is generally good enough

Yukari a shit!

i havent read the manga or seen the multipart movies yet since im waiting for all them to come out so i can only join non-TV anime girls based on how they make my dick feel

Who does that remind us of?

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She's close to best girl I'll give you that.

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Duce smells like parmesan cheese packets.

>eehh, me? best girl? but I'm just the dull main character, is it really okay?!

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there's nothing dull about her big fat ass though

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Interesting #1. What do you like about her so much?

For me, it's Finland. The greatest nation on earth and MVP of GUP

Guess this user's flag

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