What's the worst anime you've ever watched (that people consider good)?

What's the worst anime you've ever watched (that people consider good)?

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try doing this bait on /m/
good bait 8/10 but you need a Lelouch image or the chess scene for it to be a 10/10

Mushishi, more like Mushi-SHIT

I'll give you the other way around. Blade and Soul is rated as shit but the last episodes where really good. Hamatora's 2nd season was a similar case.

I wish moot was still around to ban you like he did that one time one user said he didn't liked Planetes.

VEG Movie and Clannad.


lotgh, monster

>good bait
it's trash bait, because no one unironically things that code geass is good

Turn A Gundam? more like Turn Around and leave the room because it's shit lol

SnK, it was awfully boring. Dropped after the first season, but normies IRL who don't watch anime almost at all tell me it's one of the best titles ever.
Kimetsu no Yaiba, cringy friends of the main character along with LE STRONG BUT QUIRKY SECRET MASTERS trope ruined it.
Dr. Stone, it was okay/10 before the Fallout 2's Arroyo tier reason for tribal society.

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Re:zero by far

most other things I can understand why someone would enjoy, even 9000 episode shit like One Piece or Naruto, but Re:zero was just insultingly bad.

you enjoy literally everything?

kill yourself normalfag

whoever claimed diebuster was any good is a lying sack of shit. everything gun does right, die does both wrong and insufferably.

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you will never be an oldfag

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Came here to post this, I couldn't stand any of the characters