Made for pats and loving Mahiro-san

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Made for me

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Dead ;_;

Come now, there's no need to bring it up. Her voice work still lives on. BOY

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Fucking brutal.

Do you think he was being too harsh?

>telling a terrible frenchman to fuck off

A bit. What turns him around, anyway? I know it ends with their honeymoon.

A little. Thirsty girl just wants a sip. You aren't going to escape her. Best accept your fate of ending up with a devoted, attractive, horny, and powerful woman.

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I'm thinking that when I will get a job i will save up money to pay a japanese translator to translate the novels in english.

Now that's some dedication user.

Is Nyarko lying about her not being Nyarlathotep proper, but rather a species? The library shows she has so many names and so much info on her the system crashes?

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Well, Nyarla's whole thing in the stories is lying and deceiving, so...

It would be funny as hell if this kid ended up marrying one of an Outer God's avatars just because this chaos entity thought it was fun. Of those entities, which have thought processes human beings cannot comprehend, Nyarlathotep was always written in a way that is the most relatable, though most in the way it is playful curious and somewhat sadistic.

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If you mean the real Nyarla, he's VERY sadistic. Nothing makes him happier than screwing over a human or manipulating events that lead to his death. Like a twisted genie.

Anime Nyarla is just a kook.

I have not read every story in the Lovecraft circle's mythos. I know its responsible for the destruction of civilizations because it will give knowledge far beyond what people should have, wanting to know what they will do with it., of course resulting in them choosing their own demise. This is a very dark form of playfulness. I don't know every story about it thought.

And yeah, of course anime version is what one poster described many characters from both eastern and western characters as... "a manic pixie."

And a fan of toku.

Everyone needs a hobby, aside from torturing random people.

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Yeah, but still. Would not risk it.

I'm attracted to power. Besides, it seems like most anime protagonists could kill, often accidentally, you.

Yes, theres a certain appeal to dangerous girls, but Old Ones are extra risky.

He knows what she actually looks like

If anything he is entirely too calm when she's around