Hahahaha what the fuck is this

hahahaha what the fuck is this

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It's a group of people whose lives were met with unfortunate fates due to the existence of Titans coming back for one left hurrah to finally end the source of all Titans and put this nightmare behind them

They were trying to stop the rumbling. Not stop the Titan powers kek

The cherry on top of an already stinking pile of shit

It's the ass pull the creator was forced to come up with when he realised Eren couldn't win but also couldn't be stopped by the squad.
But people will defend this, they always will.
>Inb4 muh philosophical ending you just didn't get

>Uh oh! Series is getting a bit too redpilled... Quick! Tank it!

Thats what snkfaggots keep deluding themselves into believing to cope with the fact that they wasted their time on a trash manga whose narrative chops never rose above edgy shonenshit

A strawman so big it could be considered one of the wonders of the world, you're just in denial he couldn't finish his manga without the main character pissing in shallow waters about not wanting to get cucked.

>The avengers

He could've ended it right after Eren announced the rumbling and it would've been remembered as an all time great manga with a dark ambiguous ending. Literally just don't extend it for another year with a dogshit final arc that ruins every character living and dead and turns the manga into an eternal meme

>60m vs 15m

Kruger switching sides was absolute bullshit.

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how exactly did this happen, story-wise? Those titans can't just manifest out of thin air. Someone did it. Was it ymir? eren? if so, why? We never got a shred of concrete explanation for this. Meanwhile, doing the complete and total opposite of this, Isayama decided it was a good idea to go overly explain a good part of the story and make it so eren killed his own mom via time paths fuckery.

This, the entire ending is a mix of "actually Eren is like this but I can make him look like a complete lunatic" and "they have to win against him, but he has no way to lose".
At the end everything is just a clusterfuck of him wanting to kill everyone, and even going for kill against his friends, but also planning to be stopped by them since the beginning and killing the titans through his death because Isayama decided that doing so would make the worm that is not connected to him anymore die for whatever reason
And also here the dead come to life, and Eren could actually manipulate titans on the past like Dina all along, and I've read too much complaints and I agree that this peace shit as it is is fucking retarded so let's nuke Paradis, but hey, the worm actually never died and it just disappeared because who the fuck knows.
It's one of the biggest clusterfucks I've ever read, the pure example of writing yourself into a corner.

from my understanding as i read this
>Eren summons all the past titans that fight the avengers
>Ymir summons his dad, Kruger and Bert to help stop Eren
Ymir smiled when Eren was kill and necrophilled by Mikasa
there is no explanation, there is no set-up
it just shits the bed

reminder that snk was already dogshit by the early parts/middle of the final arc so it's great isayama nuked the manga in the last volumes and made it at least a bit funny

It's a cool shot, but it was forced into the fight and feels out of place in context. It would make a better volume cover.

>6' vs 5'11

Eren only recreated Zeke's Titan to help him with his aerial bombardments. Ymir recreated all the other shifters' Titans to attack the alliance, and Armin freed their souls from the Paths to go hijack their Titans and help him out one last time.

Are we really going to go down this route and believe that a random group of schmucks can not only wrestle control of their titans from both Ymir and Eren, but can also be "freed" by a fucking nobody like Armin?
He was influential to those around him sure, but he has jack worth of power in terms of titans besides control over his own.

Armin did it in coordination with Zeke, who had already wrested free of the limitations of the Coordinate.

>t. headcanon