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What makes Japan love this pairing so much?

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it does look better than two girls with dark hair or two girls with light hair
a nice combination,in my book. Also the hair length difference

Because once in a while, Japan can have good taste.

cute & funny


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They are cute.

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They both belong to Chadjima
(Tho he will dispose of Jobkina because she is not fun or interesting like Chisato)

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I still prefer Takina with Erika

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I need to see these 2 whores to die horribly.

After having kinky lesbian sex

Here lies Majima. He never scored.

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Cute and canon

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>stoic long black haired girl on a mission
>genki short light haired girl fated to die
When you open up a .yri document, this is the default template it gives you. We've been predisposed to love it.

Shoulda titled this "scenesconvenientlyignoredbyshitposters.jpg"

They are so fucking cute together bros

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Next episode, Majimafags.

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This. This anime has one thing going for it, it literally perfected the yuri template.
Homura/Takina was already basically perfect, but Chisato is a true innovation on Madoka. That is this show only archievement and this alone makes it AOTY


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I dislike characters like Madoka because they feel like total doormats until the end where they do something super special, Chisato is fun at least.

手 indeed.

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>Homura/Takina was already basically perfect, but Chisato is a true innovation on Madoka
That's a good point.

Is this safe for work?

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They are having sex with their hands

What the hell are these faggots mumbling about?

You might think there are four neko, but there are actually five.

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Comparing Takina with Homura

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What's the most iconic yuri couple to you?

Don't look down

Not him but MayaKuro

Chikane Himeko

I liked them but I don't know why so many people preferred them to Hikaren.

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Porn, unironically.

Saki x Nodoka

So Takina will shoot herself in the head thinking that she is Homura. But unlike Homura, she will die for real because it is just her chuuni brain making her believe she will loop time just like Homura.

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Claudine was my favorite character so it was only natural that her ship would become my favorite, I think Hikari and Karen don't have that charm that make people have them as their favorites.


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Since when were you under the impression that she isn't already looping

forgot the name it's those 2 sluts in shinsekai yori

Yes. Takina will die because of her stupidity.