A wild cute snail appears!

a wild cute snail appears!

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Bats are cute
Snails aren't

How slow is she when running away?

Unironically the most sane and stable Monogatari girl.

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I want to steal her pantsu

I wonder what her armpits would smell like after a light jog.

Slow enough.

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I'm reading her debut story right now.

This is actually a true statement. Snail is by far the least insane of the girls in -gatari.

Mayoi is so fucking cute, goddamn. I wanna smoke ghost blunts with her at the park and then eat her butthole out.

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>I wanna smoke ghost blunts with her at the park and then eat her butthole out.
I wouldn't go that far. I just wanna hang out with her and lightly tease and sexually harass her and make uncomfortably-serious-seeming but totally ironic passes at her while telling everyone who sees us that I'm definitely not a pedophile and not interested in girls her age.

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Am I the only one who likes snail because of her cheeky banter?

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Would do terrible things to this snail.
Like pouring salt on it, or cum in it.

very suspicious

are you me?

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no, and it gets more meta in the ln

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Snails are cute too, Batfag.

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Reminder that Mayoi is a literal god now so Arararararagi-san is now lusting over a deity.

Love, not lust.

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I kissu and sex the wild cute snail!