Can we get a Bakuon thread started?

Can we get a Bakuon thread started?

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I want to ride Onsa's katana.

Have any new chapters been translated in the last year?

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It hasn't run in a while, you might have to bump start it.

need new chain and sprocket
cant ride ;-;

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I think I'm going to give up and just try to read the raws.

>jews portrayed accurately

Dangerously based.

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i never really watched much of this but the blonde chick really did have massive boobs

She is a jew?
Why do you think that?

on my way saving up for a bike because of this goofy show and i have no regrets and yes i want a suzuki because rin-chan best girl

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Dykes on bikes.

She doesn't lie

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It’s the “dropped translation” that hurts the most for me.

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Never watched this show. Don't know the characters. The blonde chick has one of the hottest stuck-in-wall doujins out there though.

curly hair and moneygrubbing ways

>No TL
step 1, acquire raws
step 2, acquire translatorfag
step 3, acquire editfag
step 4, profit

It's that easy

Is this scan from the manga? I didn't know it had lewds.

I can get you the raws if there aren't any, I was gonna buy them anyway.

How old is Raimu senpai?