Rank these classic Any Forums anime from worst to best

Rank these classic Any Forums anime from worst to best.

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shitty snek > konata > music cluub >> rest

there's moe and there there's TITANgon TITANall

moe magna opera > redditshit > shounentrash

Eva > shonenshit >> moeshit

>steins gate

once was Any Forums
barely Any Forums
barely Any Forums
once was Any Forums
real Any Forums
real Any Forums
real Any Forums
real Any Forums
nu Any Forums (could've been real Any Forums if released earlier)


Released earlier?

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shit from 1 to 9 minus mami and konata

Madoka > Dropkick > Steins;Gate > DBZ > One Piece > HxH > Evangelion > K-On > Lucky Star
Frankly most of these aren't even good anime. It's absolutely shameful we've allowed Gaiatards to gaslight people into thinking their kyoani shit is worth watching when stuff like Hidamari Sketch used to be popular here before they invaded.

DBZ 7/10
One Piece 7/10
Hunter x Hunter 9/10
Evangelion 9/10
Madoka 9/10
Steins;Gate 9/10
Lucky Star 7/10
K-On 7/10
Dropkick on my Devil 5/10

OP here. Hidamari Sketch is a timeless masterpiece I wish got more recognition.

>Snake shit not at the end of every list
Please say you're shitposting and save the future of this board

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Jashin-chan Dropkick is the best anime comedy since Nichijou. It's not shitposting.

adaptation earlier, yes.

Take that back user there's still time

it's great but the threads are on the same tier as battle shit, which ruins the experience.

I'll try to rank them somewhat objectively, I don't care for OP and HxH myself
1. DBZ
2. NGE
3. K-On!
4. OP
5. LS
6. HxH
7. Meguca
8. S;G
I haven't watched dropkick, can't be worse that Stains;gate

I only watch shonen so
HxH 10/10
One Piece 9.5/10
DBZ 8/10

1: Eva for seniority and considering EoE, without it it'd be a tie with 2nd place.
2: Madoka, has the best production values (BDs) and story of the rest of the bunch.
3: K-ON, has that production values less the plot, but even then manages to be a classic.
4: S;G, great story that doesn't really need much animation.
5: LS, another classic, just barely there but I don't like ties and S;G holds an special place on my heart.
6: Jashin-chan, this one should be higher actually, but I'm not giving this much though so whatever.
7: DBZ, while the animation is regarded as really good, it really is the only good thing about it (aside Wakamoto voicing Cell of course) even then the animation tends to be repetitive at times. Better than HxH just because its a classic but could've easily swap places.
8: HxH, again, would be higher but this time it isn't since the 99 ver had better animation and choreography, the 11 ver failed to equal this and while it adapted the chimera ant arc, it could've use a better sound direction or even more tracks.
9: OP, the manga is one thing, but since this is anime then it is impossible not to rank it the lowest. you can't defend the anime when Toei pulls shit like FI, PH and Dressrosa.

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