Fairy Tail and Seven Deadly Sins

Which series do you prefer and why?

Note: I'm asking about your personal enjoyment. My question isn't about quality.

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>what do you like more, apples or shoes?

Fairy Tail cause I'm a third-worlder whose earliest exposure to anime was the Animax dub of Fairy Tail so it holds a special place in my heart.

Fairy Tail, I like the characters more.

7 deadly sins, it was actually good for the first few volumes
fairly tail was shit from day one

Fairy Tail.

Faiy Tail has soul even though it's dull.

Edens Zero > Fairy Tail
Four Knights of the Apocalypse > Seven Deadly Sins

Nanatsu no taizai.
It went to shit half ways though, but I never saw any reason to read Fairy Tail to begin with.

Rave Master

Fairy Tail isn’t a manga for pedophiles so that.

Kongou Banchou

fairy tail

seven deadly sins since it has actual thought put into the story edens zero shits on FT btw

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Fairy Tail has cute girls.
Seven Deadly Sins has Escanor.

I'd say they're about the same.

Reread before before the demon king got revived and Nanatsu is 100% better

7DS had better peaks, FT was better over all, IMO of course.

Seven Deadly Sins doesn't have Erza though

you're not special for using the japanese name

Wendy's manga of course.

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