I dropped everything this cour including picrel

Is it just me growing out of anime or is this season just trash? Next one has a few I might check out but will probably end up dropping anyway.

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Probably just growing out, in my case I rarely see any new show aside from sitcoms mostly because I can get more action from a FPS or a RTS and better drama from some well written fantasy of scifi book, but then again, animation started as a way to have a fun time so maybe it's just time for you to shift to a more comedic genre.

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TV anime as a medium is garbage, it's just childish background entertainment for children or advertisements.
Switch to movies and independent animation.

It's not just you, this is the worst season in several years. Just look at how much slower than normal the board is too. Normally that would be nice but half the threads that are being made are twitter tourists already shitposting about next season's battle shows

If you think next season looks better you're likely a teenager.

Definitely weaker then the previous few seasons. Lycoris Recoil isn't that interesting, and the lack of discussion and yuri post spamming proves it. Made in Abyss 2 is nowhere near as good as season 1, and Shadow House getting better and better compared to the others isn't saying much.

Something about LycoReco feels off, and I don't know exactly what it is.

You are either growing out of anime or are slipping into depression. Not everyone grows out of anime nor everyone should, so you should diagnose yourself.

Isekai Oji has pretty good comedic timing if you haven't watched that one yet. Mamahaha is an okay romcom with an interesting premise.

Fair enough my friend. Cheers.

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I did not even watch a single thing this season or the last.
In fact, I am sooooo damn close to quitting the internet altogether
I am done with the culture of overstimulation. I just keep on using that extra time to lift/cardio, till my garden, or just stare at the rice fields near me. Only reason I'm still here is because I have nothing else to do yet

I am not the only one, there's already a growing culture of people quitting the internet. Sale of Brick phones rose by 12% and continues to rise higher as people start focusing on themselves than the virtual world

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You just picked up a lot of trash. Lyco & Engage are both obviously mediocre so you'd have to be pretty dumb to think the issue is you or the entire season being bad.

Lycoris Recoil and Engage Kiss are the best non-sequel shows airing this season, and both of them are pretty much a 6/10 top, so yeah this season is kind of weak unless you were already a fan of something.

The show's popularity is thanks to Aniplex using its substantial marketing muscle. That's all there is to it, and this is coming from someone who enjoys LycoReco.


You're just being a fag, OP.

Very cute image. I like you user. Enjoy your garden. Also where do you live that there are rice fields near you

Nothing noteworthy has been produced in years. It's making it easy to forget the appeal of the medium that attracted you in the first place. I'd recommend just watching stuff in your backlog

This season is just god awful.
Every original anime is garbage, most of the manga based pale in comparison to their source material to the point where you're actually ruining any chance of enjoying that by watching the anime. I don't real LNs because the japanese cannot write books to save their lives but I would assume that even then it's probably the same case with the anime that is based on LNs.
I just want this fucking trash season to end.

This season is pretty good in my opinion, I'm watching more anime than in previous seasons. But there's always someone who says it's the worst season. This may be the case for you.

I suggest you drop Any Forums

Great shows this season: Lycoris, Summertime Rendering, Isekai Ojisan, Shadows House 2, Shine Post, Love Live, Teppen, Yofukashi no Uta.

So a ton of shit to watch.