I miss when the straw hats used to just run up on motherfuckers

I miss when the straw hats used to just run up on motherfuckers

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what is the one piece exactly?

A toilet

A swimsuit.


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The friends we made along the way.

A place of great change it’s going to destroy the world and make it like it was pre void century before the world government was put in place by the non one piece world rulers hence imu black beard has the soul of rock d xebec which is why he knows how to use more than one devil fruit without dying he doesn’t have the cerebus fruit he ate the counter to the nika gomu fruit he ate the destiny fruit rocks d xebec is a bastardized form of nika he tried to do what nika did overthrowing the world government but failed because he didn’t have nikas gifts everything spawns from his action white beard taking on black beard and setting him up to become as powerful as he is his tremor tremor will destroy the grand line

I'm not lying, I found it

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The manga will end with the characters reacting after seeing it, but it won't be show to the readers

The one piece is dreams coming true

its just real...

The master devil fruit which eating it gives you dominion over all devil fruit powers.

I love how sanjis drawn in perspective even though the environment isnt

>no bush

Yeah and then the super haki god shows up to train luffy to fight space pirates like enel

Yamato probably has a full fucking forest down there if you really think about it. Not canon F- fap material

Enels gonna come back after the smoke from one piece world clears and the war is over ready to fight Luffy again because Enel powered up only to learn Luffy is worlds stronger than skypeia shocked enel face
One piece them plays as Luffy powers up and the adventure continues

at least we're done with wano, goddamn what a fucking piece of shit arc, made me drop the series for like one year or more

Wano was a great arc
I fell into the run piece negative commentating and dropped when basil hawkins chased straw hat
In retrospect that was the right decision but wano is a good one piece arc

you're entitled to your opinion, but I absolutely disagree. bloated as fuck with 10k characters I didn't care for, and way too fucking convoluted just to get them to onegsashima and fuck the mission up immediately. I hoped he learnt his lesson after dessrosa but wano was a nightmare to go through. plus sometimes the art was just outright bad

The characters are the soul of one piece
Every new character is another well placed movement by oda
Wano was the defining arc in the new world seconded by Fishman

i really miss the old character designs and art

definin in the way that it closed the set up started in punk hazard, yes. other then that I don't save almost anything. the last three chapters have been more interesting than 80% of wano

I just realized that we will never gget anything like this again. Luffy and the crew are world famous and he's a Yonko. No retarded pirates will ever try to start shit. I am going to miss the underdog days.

You have to look beyond the group hate
And weekly slog viewed in its entirety wano was masterfully done the characters the lore building the power scaling introduction of the true god of freedom nika everything was masterfully done oda must have been hurt when fans didn’t respond positively to what he thought was his best work yet fans always look to what they want not what is which is ironic because we all became fans because of what one piece was now we all have expectations
>Yamato joins
>Luffy isn’t nika nika is just posseing Luffy
Etc etc

Adventure piece ended at water seven the moment he met cp9
Once Luffy realized he couldn’t just get by anymore it switched from fun piece to power piece
And it was done for explicitly one reason
No one would think pre new world Luffy could hang with the likes of white beard
And if he couldn’t the straw hats would die two islands in kuma reopened that wound with kizaru ar sabadody and aces death cemented it

user, I don't give a fuck. I waited for the arc to finish it to read it in its entirety with no breaks. it's ass imo, that's it. just glad it's over.