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Who is your favorite shadow dragon?

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I liked Nuova.

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Not canon.

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>capeshit for kids


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This thread? Mine.

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Kekaroo, pathetic rat.
Real subject :
Are the gammas actually as strong as G&B or are they just SSB tier?

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CHADku blew up this ugly fuck

>Are the gammas actually as strong as G&B
We have no reason to doubt Piccolo`s words he was able to sense SSG Goku in DBS Broly.

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For me it's

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>he was able to sense SSG Goku in DBS Broly

RoF >>>>>>>>> Super Flop


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The female

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Based strongest bro.

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No one tell him

The next movie is going to be the Bejita movie Toriyama said he wanted to make once.

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Nobody fucking cares about those filler androids.

How would you improve F. Trunks?

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>are the gammas

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>a real God of Destruction
Cell, Gotenks, Bejita and a few other characters are also called like that in Z. Not impressive.

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Cell Max was letdown. Worse than Bio-Broly

Make him marry 21

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The entire movie was a let down and worse than Bio-Broly.

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And by "on par", he meant "on par with Base Goku & Bejita".

Soul overload

Why would he?
If that's the case, why would he be so worried?

>capeSOUL for all ages

Because he can't contact them and he's sub-base Goku & Bejita.

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They are all ugly as shit.

Bulma looks so old. How are they going to explain that?

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>forced Goku to use SS2
Yakon >>>> Dabura.

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So, according to you.
If they are only Base Goku and Bejita, Piccolo made all that theater about kidnapping Pan, unlocking his potential and getting Gohan's help, for something that:
1. Can be solved by having Bulma call them.
2. Can be solved asking Shenron to transport them
You realise how stupid you sound?

Relaxing Goku is peak Goku, too bad the amped up WAKU WAKU Super Goku has makes him unable to enjoy peace.

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>Roshi hanging out with Mr. Satan because of the women around him
That is funny.
Her abuse of the Dragon Balls for cosmetic purposes caused her body to rapidly age.

What the fuck, Tien? Lecherous bastard.

You... you didn't watch the movie, did you?
He literally contacted Bulma so she could call Goku and Bejita so they could take care of them.
Bulma couldn't call them because they were eating icecream, so they tried plan B (boosting Piccolo), and only then did they realize that they could have just used the wish to summon Goku and Bejita.
You're fucking embarrassing you stupid fuck, watch the movie before pretending to be smart.

Make him time travel to the past during the Buu arc just to visit the protagonists but he gets involved in the arc’s events

Gammas > Tardku and Jobgeta

The riper the fruit, the juicier the pulp.

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... in the non canon flop for kids.

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You mean the manga.

You will FOREVER be known as the man that masturbates to fanfics of pigs fucking women.
This is the (extremely small) mark you will leave in history, this is your legacy.

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