Why do Japanese anime/manga writers especially suck at ending their stories?

Why do Japanese anime/manga writers especially suck at ending their stories?

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Read better manga, watch better anime. Ideally, avoid media targeted at children like shonenshit.

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Fiction writing has the least talented workforce, worse than any other discipline or trade out there

Serious answer - they usually plan the beginning of the story and somewhat how it should end.
Unfortunately most of the times magazines force the authors to create new arc and pad the story to be longer and by doing it it's usually harder to stick to your ending.
And then the authors usually get notified dozen chapters before that they need to end their series and it fucks up the pacing and thus the ending.

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This is due to the traditional Japanese aesthetics called "wabi-sabi" (侘寂) which is a world view centered on finding beauty in imperfection and flaws

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Editors tell them when the story should end so they often have to rush something out, the weekly cycle also means they dont have as much time to figure out the ideal ending.

Watch more westerntrash and you will find out that they're not any better.

the unironic answer probably includes the fact that manga is designed to be read week-to-week, and to go on for a long period of time. Shonen Jump or any other manga magazine doesn't incentivize stories that have a planned ending with a roadmap of how to get there from the outset. they incentivize improvisation, week-to-week enjoyment, and creating long stories that can be milked as long as they have fans

>Why do Japanese anime/manga writers especially suck at ending their stories?
do you really think is just a japanese thing?

funny that anons in this thread talk about weekly publications when shitgeki fumbled despite having a monthly schedule with low effort art that doesnt require much time. some are just shit at writing guys

Their stories in most of cases aren't that good as Western manchilds see them and mangakas are aware of that.

Also, pacing and modulation in Japanese literature is different to the most popular pacing and modulation model in the West. Check out jo-ha-kyuu.

Writing an ending is hard. Just look at Stephen King, that cokefiend wrote stories like a factory and almost all of his major works turns to shit at the final chapter.

I want a series that just ends abruptly, imagine the entire show build up to one huge fight or something and in the middle of the fight the credits roll and that's the end.

Because what matters to them is getting serialized, so what they need a nice hook for their story and waifus, knowing how to end it is not part of it,after that is a struggle to stay in the magazine, which makes them pump out as many chaps as possible since it might not happen again, after that they rush to an end by editor's preassure or they get axed.

Writing an impactful ending is risky so most authors tend to roll with a cliche ending. Just like every third hollywood movie used to end with all the characters dancing out of nowhere.

Because the market doesn't reward good endings, it rewards good hooks.

Not a fair comparison. Steins Gate was a fully completed visual novel largely unhindered by crunch, demanding schedule and editorial pressure before it was adapted. Even if 0 wasn't necessarily the perfect adaptation, its was easier translate the story beats into a episodic format.

mangaka are more of artists/illustrators than writers