Kanojo, Okarishimasu


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Forgot to mention the Cubari link:

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Pretty sure all people afraid he'll be the ntr-bait can give up. Chizuru looks nothing like his waifu.

It's not funny anymore.

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>how low can a human being stoop!?
the answer is a couple of pages later the absolute state of Kazuya.

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The state of the manga right now is so sad. Everyone seems pathetic.

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>Not this again
fuck off Reiji

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Well that was yet another chapter where nothing of note happened. I can't believe the spoilers hyped this up to be some big event, even emphasizing the flashbacks and the spread.

Let's hope next week's chapter is a lot better, but knowing this manga I'm not keeping my expectations high.

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>What does "gender equality" even mean
not something this series is qualified to answer

Reiji has such a punchable face doesn't he? Don't you want to punch him for his writing?

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If only chapter days could be great days, but not with how the manga is going right now. Chizuru is a liar.

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Not even mad, dissapointed or anything. Just apathy. Reiji is rerunning the last arc once again, with mini pushing a plot that won't move forward.

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I know this guy is pathetic, but holy shit he has shit friends and family. Can no one help this guy willingly?

What killed the hype for the arc?

Yet another example of Reiji's "excellent"(TM) writing.