Shounen no Abyss

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The ‘Index’ from To aru of our generation.

So who is Reiji's dad? It'll be pretty lame if it's just some random guy

Any spoilers?

literally nobody knows, not even the mother herself.

Yuko reproduces asexually. Reiji is a male clone.

God damn I can’t believe Esemori isn’t the father.
Almost wanna say I’m pissed off, but I’m not. Flashback arc was god tier

What is the possibility that Esemori is lying about not being Reiji's dad?

The whole town left dna traces in Yuko womb

yuri-sensei was reiji's dad all along

I guess this chapter will be Esemori recounting how he brought Nagi to the town to meet Reiji. Nice to have a short break from Yuko at last.

Who dis bitch?

so whats up with the live action? cant find it in the usual place


nagi flashback. incest theory confirmed


Reiji's step mom

It was a community effort.

Is the drama out now?

the guy who died in the river

Yes, get a JP Hulu account

Two fishe

Time to drama

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