Do you ever feel you're getting too old for this...

Do you ever feel you're getting too old for this? I started noticing I wasnt reading or watching anything since the beginning of the year or so. Maybe I am no longer in the target demographic

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Sounds to me like you just suck at finding stuff you might enjoy. Try watching or reading anything other that whatever is popular on MAL, a website full of teenagers, and you will be surprised.


That's how I felt in my teens and young adult years. Now I just accept I like childish fantasy since adult fiction is often not particularly sophisticated either

How old are you?


I think i'm tired of following seasonal shows

No, fuck off.

I'm almost 45, been watching anime since the early 90sish, and I've been consistently watching seasonal anime every season since 2006 to 2022.

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yes now maybe i can do something productive

I'm just not interested in most current series right now.

Sounds like you are just depressed, try doing drugs that should fix your problem.

I suggest reading more seinen series and expanding your tastes and then returning to the titles you were previously reading. After reading The Fable and Ase to Sekken, I realised that there were still titles that were worth reading.

You just need to watch better shows user. Good art is good regardless of how old you are.
If you go back to a show you liked from your childhood and it is not as good as you remember then maybe it wasn’t good to begin with.

The reason people get burned out of anime is that they never apprecaite the artistic aspect and treat it all as entertainmet instead of becoming better consumers and recognizing what it well made and what isn’t.
The just binge moeshit and seasonal garbage until thier brains can’t get enjoyment out of them anymore. You see the same thing with people who listen to pop music, eventually they get tired of music all together while their peers who have better understanding of the meduim are always on the look for new and interesting music

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>You just need to watch better shows user.
pic unrelated
an iFag wouldn't know what good taste is

>pic unrelated
Pic very much related. As it is the peak of the meduim. And maybe an idiot getting their panties in a twist over what electronic brick someone is using to access the internet is not fit to talk on matters of taste or growing up

inb4 OP is a fucking 22 year old faggot kid or some shit

Once i stopped giving a shit about what is considered "good taste" i started to have lot more fun

I was thinking about that but don't know where to find them.

Marijuana should work fine and it's legal in most states, just drive to one of them if you can't get it in yours.

This so much of this! once I turned my brain off I found so much more content to enjoy, now I watch vtuber streams all day and I am having so mcuh fun!!
Fucking pseuds were telling me to watch Nausicca, Logh or whatever fucking boring shit, I hate pseuds!

>Maybe I am no longer in the target demographic
The average reader age for at least 10 magazines is over 25, with a few over 30. I'm pretty sure some don't even consider an upper limit to their target.

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>Watching anime and cartoon to appreciate the artistic value and animation techniques

Wonder, a fellow patrician! Ain't nothing like watching any piece of animated media and being able to tell how much effort went into it, it really give a whole new depth to the endeavor, but it comes with the curse that your fine eye can distinguish good and cheap animation apart, often breaking the immersion.

>often breaking the immersion.
If you're a brainlet, maybe.

you're too old to be blogging on Any Forums