One Piece

Believe in Oda.

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>"imu sama has order your death saint-Charlos"

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I want Zoro to sit on my face

For the third chapter in a row: no news is good news.


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Can we not get another BTFO chapter for 5 minutes?

Such a cute couple

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>Vergo dead
>Monet dead
>Father got his mom killed
>Brother betrayed him
>Viola dumped him for Sanji
>Left the heart throne empty 13 years for Law but Law just wanted to kill him
>Crocodile rejected him and is now working with Mihawk and a clown
>Lost everything
>Now stuck in a jail cell while everyone else is playing a role in the final saga
How will Cuckflamingo ever recover?

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>Imu will really be the Kaguya Otsutsuki of this arc
Get prepared for Narutards to laugh at us

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Carrot is in 1060

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opbros..the spoilers…

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Post Cute and Canon

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All shonen writers are hacks, but there are exceptions (like togashi or araki)

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His own fault

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Except Imu was shown a hundred and fifty chapters ago.

Canon Uta soon

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You are a complete fucking retard that doesn't understand why people were mad at Kaguya

He’ll break out. You’ll see.

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It's over

Is this the gayest One Piece scene?

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>main villain is introduced 900 chapters in
Oda truly had it all planned from the start i see

Confirmed by Etenboby on worst gen.
- Paladins can be seen in silhouette in the Sabo flashback scene, they have the power to protect Im and annihilate the Celestial Dragons if necessary.
- Vivi is not with Sabo, but Bonnie
- Moving on to Boa Hancock, flashbacks show that Kohi and Helmepo helped Kuja escape from the Blackbeard Pirates. They used what the "special scientific group" gave them.
- Jumping to Blackbeard, we see him turned to stone. He is the only crew member turned to stone by her beauty. he has a stupid face
- Marco and Yamato’s goodbyes are shown in flashback
- Straw Hats are shown heading towards their next island. Carrot is not on the Sunny.

He deserved better

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should have seen this coming since the "purge" was mentioned

He will escape, find Sugar that's hiding out somewhere and live a new life with her and start ruling the underwold again slowly.

>using the c*rrot thread
you retards never learn
>inb4 yam-
shitmato lost and and so did your furriebait background character

>Confirmed by Etenboby on worst gen.
There's no spoiler thread yet you lying bitch

Post yfw the nakama war continues

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Not like this…

So, now that the emperors have been embarrassed, Oda just made a new team of villains with these paladins? How are people okay with this development?

Yamato lost.

Holy shitty scan quality batman

Oda realised he couldnt make villains out of the gorosei so he just created Im because akainu doesnt cut it anymore and all the pirates will join luffy

these confirmed spoilers are pretty hype ngl

I fucking wish

except aliens have been a thing since thriller bark

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>hey Cigarboy, get me some new ones, I'm running out!
>you have nothing better to do anyways

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the gorosei as the final villains never made sense. it was always certain that there would be a final villain like Imu who has ruled the world since the Void Century.

Lmao as if this makes it any better. Imagine being praised as a "foreshadowing god" by your fanboys only to shoehorn some last minute endgame villain with no proper buildup for the final arc. Imo this is even worse than Naruto since at least we got Madara

Look at what Hackda did to my boy

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One Piece will end in under 100 chapters.

Set sail men! We'v got some amazonian thots to rape!

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>SSG being used to HELP Hancock

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Wan Pissers, not like this…


Akainu's stupid cigar face....

Who wouldn't be affected by Hancock's DF?

We've known that the Five Elders were endgame forever. It's not much of a stretch that someone was above even those old farts.


Is IM and his story going to be a Tale of the Bamboo Cutter parallel? Because it seems whenever aliens gets brought up in shounen, it always has something to do with that same old folktale.


He loves every woman equally, so it cancels out.

The black ooze, cybernetic arm of japanese unoriginality....

>OPfags spend decades boasting how different One Piece is from Naruto
>becomes a carbon copy towards its finale
Divine retribution right there

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You just can't understand stogiechads.

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the whole of One Piece is a Lucian's True History parallel

>”Welcome home user! How was work? I made your favourite again”

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>World Government shown to be absurdly incompetent
>Anons think the final battle will be against the World Government

>he thinks I'm a yamtroon
aim higher

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im is luffys mom and she just wants him to come home

Why is Sanji a malewife?

Remember when One Piece was good?

Stop stalking me and get out of my house!

Hancock turned him to stone in the Return to Sabaody arc


Yeah, I remember last chapter.


Law, he's gay

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He doesn't like ugly women.
Look at how he reacts to Shinobu when she is a fat old grandma, and then after she got sucked by GB.

13 years ago yes

Don't care what Imufags have to say
I'm going ALL in on Blackbeard coin

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I want to suck on Hancock’s fat tits so bad

Kuma, because he thrusts in the lord.

Retarded Carrotcuck, my views are repeatedly proven right with every scene Hackda off panels, what has your faith ever given you? Nothing. You simp for a hack that stopped caring years ago.

It's obvious he will be broken out by Cross guild. Buggy will fall ass backwards into another success by breaking out more impel down prisoners.

I remember 1045, all goes downhill from there.

I've never read One Piece

>Roger, we may have been enemies but I know you'll take care of my son Buggy

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>mfw the dog and the rabbit forget to eat their kibi-dango

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Whats this about Imu and his knights? Was there some new hint?

How do I get a cute femdom gf

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Have a rubber cock.

We got too cocky pissbros..

Yes, I remember a time before Fishman Island.

>Marco and Yamato’s goodbyes are shown in flashback
>- Straw Hats are shown heading towards their next island. Carrot is not on the Sunny.
Wow, word for word last thread but then you added the last bit to it.

>imu = Priest of Jyggalag which is order and no Free will which is Meridia
>joyboy = Madness(Sheogorath) and Revolution(Merhunes Dagon)

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Carrot hopium tanks at [100%] capacity after Chapter 1057.

>Carrot not in Chapter 1058 (but no timeskip; it's a bounty and wordbuilding chapter)
>Carrot not in Chapter 1059 (another worldbuilding chapter, no SHs)

[80%] with two fingernails bitten off Significant timeskip after Wano departure (a few days; everyone has changed clothes)
>First color spread post-Wano
>Disembarking at new island
>Second color spead post-Wano
>End of Volume 105 (Chapters 1058 - 1068)
>End of 2022 >> [0%] at this point.

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