Kaguya manga

gooks scan expected to be out in 4 hours
here is chinks spoiler
>辉夜大小姐 265话 情报 大佛小钵的最终回
>275: Osaragi Kobachi's final appearance
>Student Council election
>Miko asks Osaragi to give her election speech
>大佛却找辉夜 但被拒绝
>Osaragi wants Kaguya to do it in her stead, but is rejected

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Why the hell is Ai sitting at the edge of the home's bathtub?

>osaragi chapter
i'm tired with these irrelevant character chapters already

Last couple were some of the most relevant in forever, but no one gives a shit and people would rather forget Osaragi even existed.

Osaragi getting a final chapter explains why we still haven’t gotten any picture leaks. Who gives a shit.

Aka is ending this dumpster on fire by cramming everything he can in these pathetic final chapters. Please understand

Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

Why is Ai with the prez in a bathtub?
Is this an edit or did Kaguya lent her to him as a mistress fucktoy, just so that he doesn't fuck any burgerland girls in the Uni.

It's not an edit

I love Hayasaka.

He loves her.

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OoC and not canon.

Because they're going to take a bath together obviously.

That would be the helicopter.

What if Miko Failed???

She won

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Epilogue arc now was a mistake. Should have had it first then the Kaguya family stuff.

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Ishigami crew cut soon

>yuri ending