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so fucking chaotic

and i love it

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one of the greatest Anime of all time

Read more manga

Yeah it's pretty cool. Although the manga is a lot better as a story, check it out.

Hello newfag

Be a good boy now, don't bully the normie.

wasted digits


Nah it's shit
Godzilla but with more obnoxious brats

Most punk anime ever. Wish there were more works like it.

>nooooo you can't like [one of the most popular anime productions of all time] unless you sift through bottom-of-the-barrel, obscure, moeshit trash like i do!!!
>dumb normie, read more manga!!!!

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there are still morons talking about the story of a movie that flexed the best animation ever for 124 minutes, let them seethe


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>one of the greatest Anime of all time
>Read more manga

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NTA, but barely anyone here fuckings read manga. either they like the same 3 "classical masterpieces" or they watch flavor of the week moeshit.

It's a shit movie, user. And if you liked it then you have shit taste. It was influential for its time but my GOD is it a boring piece of shit now.

sad contrarian fishing for (you)'s

No cap fr fr

Pretty much this.

Movie is very cool, and visually stunning, but the manga is more satisfying as a full story.

Would love a hand-drawn Akira Ultimate broken up into hour-long episodes. A lot of the story isn't even covered in the film.