Would a giantess work as a main heroine in anime?

Would a giantess work as a main heroine in anime?

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You fags cry about NnT but then don't realize it did a lot of unique things for a shonen series.

Never ever

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blame "Jack the Giant Killer" and "BFG"

I'm more of a "mini giantess" guy but those seem more uncommon than really huge giant girls.

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Given how Disney is now its better that it never happened.

In Southeast Asian folklore there's this legend called The Twelve Sisters which features an ogre waifu as the main romantic lead

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Is it me or has there been a huge uptick in giantess art/porn?

Is there? It seems just business as usual.

I liked the first season. However, after seeing those Escanor fight clips I decided to just stop.

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Yes. Her name is Oriko!

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An anime would be nice

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As long as they don't go off the rails like Onideka did. This could have been a good one, but jeez, that fucking ending...and the lack of vore

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Be honest, what would be your actual reaction to this sight?

The big spike happened a few years ago. Now it's ben rather steady

This would have been worth it if it inspired the elevens to make more loli giantess porn.

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Depends. Am I seeing it in person or on the news?

In person.

Then terror. Just knowing that giant girls are real would be scary enough, but to see one in person, I'd be like those guys in the giantess porn who get crushed because they don't move. I'd be frozen in fear.

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